Friday, April 07, 2006

IntelliJ IDEA Demetra build 5218 is released

Yesterday midnight, JetBrains released Demetra build 5218.

Here is changes in this build from build 5201:

* JUnit. JUnit 4 support.
* Run/Debug. New user interface for editing run configurations.
* Run/Debug. Possibility to store run configurations in project file.
* UI Designer. Support for custom component creation code.
* UI Designer. Support for client properties.
* EJB3.0 Persistence Mapping generation by Database Schema
* JavaScript. Intention to add JS variable / property
* Other improvements and bugfixes.

For complete change list, see here

As I saw, IDEA's UI has some changes:

+ No more tab in Run/Debug Configurations

+ Thinner view combo box

In these days, IDEA community is discussing about IDEA's plugin problem and related problems when they come from free plugins to commercial. You can check it out here and here

Một thông tin cho Định: Định có thể xài IDEA mà ko cần lo về vấn đề bản quyền nếu dùng EAP license, chỉ mất công thay đổi mỗi khi nó expire thôi, nhiều người cũng vậy. ;-)

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