Sunday, April 26, 2009

TeamCity 4.5 was released

While I was having a team building tour with my colleagues, JetBrains released TeamCity 4.5.

Here are some of the release highlights in this new version:

  • LDAP integration with automatic user profiles synchronization
  • User groups management engine allowing to fine-tune team members’ roles and access rights, set up groups hierarchy and notification rules
  • CVS and Perforce plugin version 2008.2 support in Eclipse plugin
  • Perforce support in Microsoft Visual Studio plugin
  • Build Agent compatibility with Mono testing framework as a .NET platform for continuous builds
  • Test results grouping letting you filter tests by suites, packages/namespaces, and classes
  • Handling external tools reports in XML format (ANT’s JUnit tasks, NUnit, Surefire, PMD, and FindBugs)
  • Git integration

For more details, you can see them here.

Nha Trang - Team Building 2009

I came back home this morning from Nha Trang for a team building tour. There I played games with my colleagues and had 3 DAYS WITHOUT COMPUTER to relax under the sunshine with blue sea and white sand. It's very nice trip :-)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

ReSharper 4.5 was released

My favorite tool for .NET development, ReSharper, has new version. In this version, JetBrains brought many improvements and enhancements:

  • Performance and memory consumption: When working on large solutions, you will feel a great deal of difference between ReSharper 4.0 and 4.5.
  • New solution-wide warnings and suggestions: Analyze usage of non-private types and type members within your whole solution (or don’t!).
  • Visual Basic 9 support: ReSharper’s cross-language refactorings and editing experience enhancements now support VB9 code.
  • Improved setup for naming conventions, which are now supported by all ReSharper features.
  • New Inline Field refactoring and enhancements in existing refactorings.
  • Go to Implementation: Go from the usage of a class or method straight to its implementation, bypassing its declaration.

For futher information, see here.