Monday, May 14, 2007

Keep your wallet tight

Last weekend, after came back company from camp with my colleagues, I suddenly found that I lost my wallet. I asked my colleagues to help me to contact the driver who drived the car we used to go 'cause I think I dropped it on the car. A few hours later, I had the answer that he could not found it. This afternoon he contacted us and informed that he found the wallet(!). And now I have it here. "Thanks the driver!"

But I still lost 20.000 wons and 5 dollars while I'm sure that my wallet contains at least 40.000 wons and 5 dollars. Luckily, I moved all money from my check card to another bank account. I don't want to imagine what will happen then if somebody will use it and I will loose all money. And actually, I have something more than the money inside the wallet.

Loosing 20.000 wons (about 20 dollars) and 5 dollars is very cheap. A lesson I should keep in my mind: Keep my wallet tight.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Cái chết

Vừa rồi Tr thông báo anh N mới mất. Bần thần cả người. Mới vừa hôm nọ anh em còn nhậu...

Cuộc sống chẳng thể lường trước điều gì sẽ xảy ra. Hôm nay còn mà mai đã thành cát bụi. Nhìn lại bản thân thấy mình chưa làm được gì, cũng chẳng có gì. Buồn thật. Để rồi đến lúc mình thành cát bụi, phỏng mình có chi đây?

Xin chia buồn với gia đình anh N :-(