Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Case sensitive - a headache experience

In a few days, I met some problems relate with case sensitive. The first one is with PostgreSQL and the second one with Subversion. These problems happened on Windows, even it is not a case sensitive OS.

When I create a table (or a field) which its name is not in lower case, example: User, FirstName. PostgreSQL will create the name with double quotes (User -> "User", FirstName -> "FirstName"). When you execute "SELECT * FROM User", it will not work. The correct statement should be "SELECT * FROM "User"". Please note that User must be bound by double quotes.

The same problem happend with a Subversion repository. If you create a "BlahBlah" repository, and checkout or update with "blahblah" in URL, it works fine. But it doesn't work when you commit.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Goodbye Korean - Hello Danish

Today is the last day of the first week I work for a Danish company. Even my general director is a Vietnamese (and most of my colleagues are Vietnameses), I'm working under management of a Danish guy.

We have a small IT group with 7 people. 6 of them are Vietnameses, included me, and we are almost at the same age. The working environment is open, I like it. Even we have some problems in start up, but I think it will be better in the future.