Sunday, April 16, 2006

How to stop Subversion while it's running in daemon mode

I start Subversion on Fedora Core 5 by using "svnserve -d -r /path/to/repos", it works fine. But how to stop it, maybe when I typed a wrong path?

Follows these steps:

+ At terminal console, type "ps auxww | fgrep svnserve" (without quotes) then Enter
+ You will see something like this:

t800t8 3072 0.0 0.0 9472 872 ? Ss 22:25 0:00
svnserve -d -r ~Works/SVN/repos
t800t8 3421 0.0 0.0 3884 556 pts/2 S+ 22:50 0:00
fgrep svnserve

You will have the process id to kill (in this situation, 3072)
+ Kill Subversion by: kill <process id>

In the worst case, try to use: kill -9 <process id>


Thang Nguyen Cao said...

Hồ, nobody use subversion as u! They can use Apache if they want it will be accessed through HTTP, or use Xinetd if they want it will be managed by daemon. Please review issue ;)

Khánh Lê said...

Anh Tuấn biết cách nào chạy Subversion daemon như là 1 service trong Linux không?

t800t8 said...

Hiện giờ mình toàn xài Apache để làm việc với Subversion thôi. Mình cũng chưa có nhiều kinh nghiệm với Linux.

Thang Nguyen Cao said...

A step2 liên hệ e. Đã config xong rùi. ;) Chạy như daemon trong Linux bằng xinetd quản lý nha. Okie?