Monday, February 26, 2007

Came back from Taiwan

Yesterday night, I came back Seoul from Taiwan. After a hard working year, I had an interesting vacation for Lunar New Year.

People who know about Taiwan knew that it named "Formosa", means "a beautiful island". Actually Taiwan is nice island, there are a lot of trees and the air is very fresh.

In Taiwan, I went to Allishan, a mountain in the middle of Taiwan, it's a popular visited area. I visited Taipei Zoo, the largest animal zoo in the world. I visited Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall. I went around Quanghoa computer market. I went out with my friends and had some parties...

Taipei is a little more modern than Hanoi (my home town) but in Taoyuan where I stayed it looks like Hanoi but without animation and traffic jam. I really like it. The weather is good, it's not too cold like Seoul these days, sometimes it has rain but not heavy.

Taiwanese government still accepts people can play craker while this one does not accept in Vietnam about 10 years. When hearing cracker, sometimes I remember about my childhood and my home...

Some tips for you if you have plan to visit Taiwan:

+ Do not try to bring fruit to Taiwan, it does not accept
+ Have a friend who can speak Chinese or a map (it's hard to find a person who understands English when you lost the way)
+ Prepare enough coins to go by bus (you cannot get returned money from drivers, actually they cannot return you even they want to do it)
+ When go by bus inside the city, keep your ticket and return it to driver when you take out. Otherwise, you need to pay money for ticket one more time.

Sun's rising on Allishan

Allishan's jungle

Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall

Thursday, February 15, 2007

How can I remove value "2"?

In Groovy, you can remove an object from a list by using remove(int index) or remove(object obj). But if I have a list of ints, how can I remove an object by "value" rather than the index?

def list = [2, 1, 3]

assert list == [1, 3] // throws AssertionError, 'cause list = [2, 1]