Saturday, June 23, 2007

Lack of something

I spent a little of time to think about my work, my knowledge and my experience. And I found that I'm lack of knowledge, MUCH.

I'm a techno guy. I love new technologies, really love. And I always try to catch the trend of new technologies by collecting every little amount of information about them. I cannot remember how many times I said "WOW" when I found something interesting. But when I knew about it (a little, again, sadly) I threw it away to catch a new one.

Till now, about 6 years from the time I graduated university. I knew Spring, I knew Hibernate, I knew JSF, Struts, Wicket... and many things but I'd just knew, NOT UNDERSTAND. Even I can use them but I don't know how they works, how they make this or that interesting.

Of course, you cannot UNDERSTAND everything, but you should understand SOMETHING, something that can make you love, are interested in, something can make you fun and of course, it can help you to earn money. And here is my list, something I want to understand:

+ Algorithms
+ OOP (and how to apply it CORRECTLY)
+ Design Patterns
+ Software Development Process (I choose ICONIX to start)
+ Swing
+ Servlet
+ Spring
+ Hibernate
+ Struts
+ Wicket
(the list will be continued...)

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