Thursday, June 28, 2007

Came back from Kuk Ki Won

I'm tired now, yes, very tired. But I had a lot of fun, yes, a lot. KOIVA organized an workshop for foreign high-tech professionals at Kuk Ki Won and I attended it.

I played Taekwondo, it's the first time. I enjoyed it very much although my actions are very basic. I met Martin - an Irish guy, Dung - a Vietnamese guy I knew before, Tien - a Vietnamese girl she live in Hochiminh City and has worked here for 3 years, and many people. I listened a Chinese girl sang "Big big girl" (actually she's a small girl, not big ;-). I watched a Yoga show which was performed by an Indian Yoga instructor and he made me say "WOW" and clapped many times. I took some pictures (I will post them later if possible). I had a new Romanson watch. And over of all I had a lot of fun :-)

The workshop was very interesting and I will attend it next time (this workshop is organized every year)

Work hard and play much when you can. Enjoy your life!


Kingbee said...


It's Britt from JetBrains. I read your comment to our JUG Cologne Shootout post and wanted to forward the following link to you. It shows how to how to import an Eclipse project into IDEA.

Keep in touch,

-Britt King

t800t8 said...


Thanks a lot!