Thursday, June 21, 2007

JetGroovy - Groovy plugin for IntelliJ IDEA

Michal already figured out how to build JetGroovy from source. (Thanks Michal!) But if you're lazy, you can get JetGroovy here.

Installation: Download and extract it to IDEA_HOME/plugins, then start IDEA to fight ;-)

Note: This JetGroovy build ONLY works with IDEA 7 EAP build 7020. I'm not sure that it will work with other EAP builds (and of course it doesn't work with IDEA 6 or earlier)

If you have problem in downloading, please replace "us.share" in "" by "www". Sorry for inconvenience. (Yahoo suck!)

Update: I've just updated to IDEA build 7027 and JetGroovy doesn't work anymore. IDEA hangs while loading JetGroovy and there is no exception in log file.


Alexey Efimov said...

Does you know about JetBrains native support for groovy?

Alexey Efimov said...

Ops... just look to Michel link :))
I'm stupid :)

t800t8 said...

No problem. Have fun in programming Groovy ;-)