Monday, September 26, 2005

Bug in IDEA IntelliJ 5.0.1 Build #3461

This is a bug I've just found in IDEA IntelliJ v5.0.1 Build #3461 and I reported it to JetBrains's IDEA forum today. This is a problem when I try to declare an enum in IDEA IntelliJ.

When I try to declare an enum which have its own constructor or something else I got the problem (see below)

When I remove the semicolon after RFID_C(860), I got an error (see below)

But if I try to declare an enum like this enum Test {A, B, C}, I don't meet this problem.

Update at 12:37 AM: This problem was resolved in #Build 3496.

Waiting for IDEA IntelliJ 5.0.2 ...

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