Tuesday, September 19, 2006

IntelliJ IDEA 6 build 5706 was released

Yesterday night, after I went to sleep about 15 minutes, JetBrains released IntelliJ IDEA 6 build 5706. It's a bug fixed build. For more details, you can see here.

JetBrains will focus on fix Critical and Blocker priority bugs rather than implement new features. Also, lower priority bugs will be fixed after releasing IDEA 6.

IDEA 6 RC1 will come soon...

Other news relate with SVN and TestNG:

   + TortoiseSVN 1.4 was released last Friday
   + JavaSVN will support SVN 1.4 in next release
   + TestNG 5.2 was released 2 days ago also with an update for TestNG-J.

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