Friday, August 25, 2006

Be careful before install IE 7 RC 1

I've just install IE7 RC1. After restart, I want to be crazy when Windows shows me "Explorer.exe cannot run because Normaliz.dll could not be found".

After searching around on Internet, I found the solution (God blesses me, I have a Linux notebook :-D).

If you want to install IE 7 (seem this problem relates with all IE7 versions, included Beta 2, Beta 3 and RC1, which maybe happen when you install or uninstall IE7), please backup Normaliz.dll first. After install IE 7, don't be crazy if you meet this problem. Here is the solution:

+ Press Ctrl + Alt + Del then click Task Manager
+ In tab Applications, click New Task...
+ In Create New Task dialog, click Browse...
+ In Browse dialog, copy Normaliz.dll you already backed up to Windows\System32
+ Now run explorer.exe (in Windows folder) and smile with a large mouth

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