Saturday, March 20, 2010

Setting up a personal wiki

At office, we used wiki to share knowledge about projects and technical things. It's a good way to keep, organize and share the information. So I decided to install a wiki on my PC for personal usage.

Take a look around on open source wikis, I decided to install ScrewTurn Wiki on my PC (Windows 7). The reason I try it because it's included in Microsoft Web Platform Installer, so maybe it's good enough.

There are two ways to set up ScrewTurn Wiki: via Microsoft Web Platform Installer, and manually. I tried with Microsoft Web Platform Installer first because it's simpler way to install, just select and click a few options and buttons, and you should have something works. So I did it but had 500.19 error. Then I tried to set it up manually, but had the same problem.

Look into the error message and I finally found out that removing the whole 'configSections' section in web.config help to resolve the problem. Damn it, when there is an installer, I expect that after I click Finish, the software should be on and running.

Anyway, the wiki is running now and I will dig into it.


Matteo Tomasini said...

Hi T800T8,
I'm a developer from ScrewTurn Wiki.
Thanks for choosing ScrewTurn Wiki!
I'm very sorry that the WebPlatformInstaller didn't work for you. We will investigate on your problem and try to solve it as not to recur the error in the future.
If you have any problem don't hesitate to post in our forum:

dotnetdave said...

Just noting that I installed the pre-configured File-System storing ZIP release ( and experienced the same issue as a result of the erroneous Config Section declarations. Your post was helpful, thanks! :)

Rahul Bagal said...

All sites under are offline . Is there another install guide for installing STW ?