Saturday, November 01, 2008

Help yourself to stand out of the crowd

When you want to apply a new job, what will help you to stand out of the crowd? For sure, it's your resume (or CV). The employer will read it to find out what you've got and done (experience, knowledge,...), and to know that you're suitable for the job or not.

When you write your resume, you can learn many tips from the books which teach you write it. Example: Use short but clear statements, use active voice, use the verb in past participle when describe about your experience,... But, IMO, they're not enough. What you should do is making the difference, and the difference will help you to stand out of the crowd.

How to make the difference? Actually, it's up to you and your creativity. But I can give you one example I applied and received a good result at the first time I used it. Usually, in your resume, you will list the projects you worked for with a short description and your responsibility. I did the same thing but I ONLY list the projects I was interested in with the title "MOST INTERESTING PROJECTS". Yeah, right, the title is thing which makes the difference.

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