Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Tip: How to get an IntelliJ IDEA license for free

A few minutes ago I received an email from JetBrains, and do you know what did it say? It said "Hey guy, it's an IntelliJ IDEA license, it's for you, and it's FREE", just kidding :-) Here is a part of email from JetBrains


We appreciate your participation in development of IntelliJ IDEA 7.0, and we hope you will continue using IntelliJ IDEA with even more pleasure with the attached below personal license.

Be prepared to receive another gift from JetBrains this week :-)

-The JetBrains Team-

I greatly appreciate JetBrains' kindness when they give me this present, a 249$ present. But more than the cost, actually they give me a FREE super weapon to work with, to play with and to have fun with.

And now it's the tip: Please download, use and report the bugs you would found in EAP versions of IntelliJ IDEA, you will have a chance to get an IntelliJ IDEA license for free.

Again, thanks JetBrains. Now it's the time to develop with "FREE" pleasure ;-)

Update: After reading the email more carefully, I found that JetBrains will have another gift for me this week. Waiting for another big surprise... :-)

Update: JetBrains gave me a big surprise one more time, I've just received an Gift Certificate. Again, I want to say thanks to JetBrains, you gave me surprise time after time :-)

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