Tuesday, June 20, 2006

StringEx v0.2.2 - first public release

What StringEx?
   A free Java library supports to extract values from text based on a regex. StringEx also supports to get sub regex constructs from initialized regex.

Why StringEx?
   'Cause somtimes I need it for my works and I do it for fun.

How to use?
   Assume that you create a StringEx instance with regex "((\\w+)(\\(\\d{2}\\)))(\\w+)", at that time

     + matchesWithRegex("Super(99)Java") will return true, while
        matchesWithRegex("Super(99Java") will return false.

     + extractAll("Super(99)Java") will return an array {"Super(99)", "Super", "(99)", "Java"}

     + extractAt("Super(99)Java", 0) will return "Super(99)"
        extractAt("Super(99)Java", 1) will return "Super"
        extractAt("Super(99)Java", 2) will return "(99)"
        extractAt("Super(99)Java", 3) will return "Java"
        extractAt("Super(99)Java", 4) will throw IndexOutOfBoundsException

     + getAllRegexConstructs() will return an array {"(\w+)(\(\d{2}\))", "\w+",
        "\(\d{2}\)", "\w+"}

     + getRegexConstructAt(0) will return "(\w+)(\(\d{2}\))"
        getRegexConstructAt(1) will return "\w+"
        getRegexConstructAt(2) will return "\(\d{2}\)"
        getRegexConstructAt(3) will return "\w+"
        getRegexConstructAt(4) will throw IndexOutOfBoundsException

License: LGPL

You can see the source code here. I will upload the binary, also the source code as soon as possible.

If you want to discuss about StringEx or report error, just leave a comment here.

Update: Change license policy.
Update: Change How to use


nhu dinh thuan said...

Sao mà "copy and paste" cái source code của bác để chạy khó quá vậy.

t800t8 said...

No hard no gain ;-)