Friday, June 23, 2006

IntelliJ IDEA Demetra build 5350 is released

At an abnormal time, about 8:40 PM (Seoul time), JetBrains released IntelliJ IDEA Demetra build 5350.

2 nice changes that I want to see are supporting to import into SVN and new Ant itegration plugin.

Changes in build 5350 from 5321

* Ant. New Ant integration plugin included in the distribution.
* GWT Studio plugin included in the distribution.
* New project roots configuration UI.
* Subversion. Import into SVN action.
* Possibility to exclude certain packages from class name completion
and auto-import prompts.
* Emacs like expand word completion (Alt-slash).
* Other improvements and bugfixes.

Complete list of changes: here.

Tonight I will sleep late. :-)

Update: After installing IDEA Demetra 5350, I've found a bug. See it here.
Update: Another bug.
Update: UI changes

Update: SVN - "Browse changes" seems change. I don't know which build it changed but I see it the first time in this build (5350)

Update: One more bug.

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