Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Auto-jump and auto-filter in IDEA

When you have a list in IDEA (like plugin list), you can enter some characters on this list (not in any text box or combo box), the cursor will jump to nearest match item.

When you want to create new class, interface, GUI form,... try to open Project pane, press Alt + Insert, you will get the list (as in the picture).

The list is too long? No problem, try to enter some characters, you will see what is auto-filter.


pcdinh said...

Cái auto dâm đó chắc nó lưu item trong mảng/vector gì đó rồi search nhể?

t800t8 said...

Chắc vậy. Cái hay là ở chỗ đếch ai biết được chức năng này nếu chỉ nhìn vào cái form. :-D