Thursday, July 31, 2008

A painful experience with Windows Vista

Yesterday, I downloaded Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express and installed it on Windows Vista but I had a error code 29506 message (What the heck!). I've never seen this problem with Windows XP.

Today, I gave it another try (re-download, re-install) but I had the same problem. Try to google, I found that many people have the same problem. And someone can install it with some tricks. Here is the resolution (at least it works for me):

   1. Click the Start icon.
2. Type CMD into the Search box.
3. Right-click on cmd.exe then select Run as Administrator.
4. On the Command window, use the cd command to change the
directory to where the file you want to install is located.
(NOTE: It must be on a local drive—I tried entering a UNC
path to the server where it was located, but got a message
that ‘CMD does not support UNC paths as current directories’;
I also tried the mapped drive letter, but it didn’t like that
5. Type the location and name of the executable or MSI file
(e.g. C:\Users\\Documents\),
then press Enter.
6. The installation will happen as normal, except this time it
will work!

PS: Thanks for the resolution.

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