Friday, June 13, 2008

"I don’t afraid a new technology..."

When you see the title of this post, you can imagine some funny things. Exactly! When I read it, it made me laugh and I couldn't stop. It's a statement in a resume I had just received yesterday. (The full statement is "I don’t afraid a new technology, for me a few time I can work with any technology.")

I know many Vietnamese lack of knowledge and experience in English, even me. But it's not just about grammar, it's about the meaning of the statement. What is the point of it in your resume? Are you trying to excite yourself?

When you write down some fucking things in your resume, you should understand what you're fucking doing. If you couldn't understand what you're fucking doing, how could you get your fucking job done?

You "don't afraid a new technology"? Yes, you "don't". But I "do" afraid of you :-D

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