Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Windows Vista and Daemon Tools

Yesterday, I installed latest version of Daemon Tools (v4.08). After finishing installation I had no problem, Daemon Tools can create virtual drive and it worked well. But this morning, when I turn on my laptop, I've got a black screen, Windows Vista cannot display logon screen as normal.

If you have this problem, don't worry. Restart in Safe mode and uninstall Daemon Tools, and now your Vista will back.

I think the big problem now with Windows Vista is compatibility with other applications (while they work with Windows XP). You saw my problem with Daemon Tools, and you must know that I cannot make a phone call via Globe7 'cause if I try, Globe7 will crash.

Actually I had a BSD (blue screen death) with Vista but seems it is problem of Kaspersky Anti-Virus's driver (it still beta).

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