Sunday, December 10, 2006

My daily tools

These days I'm working in a project using .NET and Firebird and also I decided to use UML to support modeling. So I need to find some tools to have me can do my work better. And here are them.

UML modeling tool: Actually I don't like UML tools are made by Java, they look ugly (application and symbols for modeling). So I want to find a UML tool it has a native look (in Windows). On my way, I found UMLStudio, it's really very small, only 3MB. But it's not free. Do more searching, I found StarUML. It has a native look, runs fast, free and open source. Even though it has some bugs but it's good enough to use to model.

Developer and DBA tool for Firebird: As I found, I have 2 options. One is EMS SQL Manager for InterBase/Firebird and another choice is IBExpert. After a try, I really fall in love with IBExpert. If you are familiar with TOAD (actually TOAD does not support for Firebird right now), IBExpert can do better than that. And IBExpert has a personal version, it's free.

And one more thing I cannot forget, it's SmartSVN. Visual Studio has AnkhSVN but I don't like it very much, it's really heavy. Another choice is VisualSVN but it has less features than AnkhSVN and it is underlying on TortoiseSVN. So I decided to use a SVN client rather than a Visual Studio add-in and SmartSVN is my choice.

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