Thursday, October 30, 2008

BigInteger in .NET Framework 4 - The big WOW

If you have experience with Java, maybe you know that Java supports BigInteger type. This data type supports to store and manipulate big integer numeric. But in .NET, there is no BigInteger type (Actually, as I remember, Microsoft added BigInteger to .NET Framework 3.5 2.0 beta, but then removed it in the final version).

Now, in .NET Framework 4, Microsoft decided to add it back (check out the .NET Framework 4 poster). For me, it's a big WOW. Long time ago I need to develop a library which need to store very big integer values and convert from decimal to binary, to hexa and vice versa. And it's a painful experience. Even I used this class but it doesn't work properly for very very very big integer values.

Nice to see BigInteger now :-)

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