Friday, September 12, 2008

DataSet against DataReader

Some of the scenarios in which a DataSet is easier to use than a DataReader include the following:
  • When you need a convenient package to send the data to another component (for example, if you’re sharing information with other components or distributing it to clients through a web service).

  • When you need a convenient file format to serialize the data to disk (the DataSet includes built-in functionality that allows you to save it to an XML file).

  • When you want to navigate backward and forward through a large amount of data. For example, you could use a DataSet to support a paged list control that shows a subset of information at a time. The DataReader, on the other hand, can move in only one direction: forward.

  • When you want to navigate among several different tables. The DataSet can store all these tables, and information about the relations between them, thereby allowing you to create easy master-detail pages without needing to query the database more than once.

  • When you want to use data binding with user interface controls. You can use a DataReader for data binding, but because the DataReader is a forward-only cursor, you can’t bind your data to multiple controls. You also won’t have the ability to apply custom sorting and filtering criteria, like you can with the DataSet.

  • When you want to manipulate the data as XML.

  • When you want to provide batch updates. For example, you might create a web service that allows a client to download a DataTable full of rows, make multiple changes, and then resubmit it later. At that point, the web service can apply all the changes in a single operation (assuming no conflicts occur).

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