Thursday, March 06, 2008

A powerful tool for Subversion

Are you tired with setting up Subversion (and integrate it with Apache) on Windows? If the answer is "Yes", you should check VisualSVN Server.

What does it provide?
  • An all-in-one installer with up-to-date components (Subversion 1.4.6, Apache 2.2.8 - for VisualSVN Server v1.0.3)
  • Supports SSL out of box
  • An UI for administration repositories and security - a superior feature, right?
  • It doesn't use port 80 so it cannot conflict with IIS
And it's completely FREE.

Check some screenshots.

Figure 1. Setup

Figure 2. Administration UI

Figure 3. Create repository

Figure 4. Browse repository


Anonymous said...

It's not FREE: "If you are member of active open source project, you can request a free license for your project."

t800t8 said...

Hey Anonymous,

It's free, VisualSVN Server. Only the VisualSVN plugin to Visual Studio is not free.